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重庆幸运农场开奖预测号码:Mayor Wang Huiyong to the CSIC Hanguang photoelectric technology research park

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On the afternoon of June 23, Mayor Wang Huiyong led the municipal departments responsible comrades to Yongnian County investigation of iron and steel enterprises in the city back into the park, standard parts industry development situation, on-site coordination to solve the difficulties and problems. He emphasizes, should be in accordance with the municipal Party committee and government decision-making deployment, focus, pressure endeavour, accelerate and promote traditional industry upgrading, and constantly improve the quality and efficiency of the development of county economy.
How to better promote the standard industrial upgrading, Wang Huiyong is very concerned about the issue. By Heng Yue fasteners manufacturing company based Hebei Hanguang heavy industry company advanced technology and investment in the construction of constant Le standard project, mainly the production of aviation, aerospace, high-speed rail, wind power with high-end fastener products. Here, Wang Huiyong encourage enterprises to responsible for the people to emancipate the mind, willing to let, make full use of Hanguang heavy technical advantage, strengthen research and development of products, build brands, to seize the market, go to all lengths to enterprises bigger and stronger. In Yongnian standard parts industry city project site, Wang Huiyong stressed the need to high standard positioning, scientific planning, improve the function, and constantly improve the industrial aggregation, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry standard.
Research, Wang Huiyong repeatedly stressed that the most direct and stable growth of the most direct, the most effective way is to do a good job of existing business. To firmly grasp the "steady and rapid growth, the general tone, prominent companies do a good job of helping and supporting the work, especially in view of the problems existing in the development of enterprises, leading cadres at all levels to further change the style of work, in-depth first-line, on-site office, solid dozen on-site to solve the problem, to ensure to obtain real results, promote economic steady and rapid development
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