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重庆幸运农场怎么看一个不来的好:Hanguang heavy high strength fasteners products for high-end market positioning

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Production capacity: our company specializes in the production of high-end military stainless steel standard parts, high strength standard parts. Production equipment, testing equipment and all kinds of professional and technical personnel, with an annual output of 10000 tons of military stainless steel standard parts and the production capacity of high standard parts.
Quality control: our company adhere to the "quality first, honesty" business purposes, in strict accordance with the national standards and user needs of the organization and production, through the ISO9001GJB quality system certification, the special process, the EIA and automotive, aerospace and other special certification work is being stepped up.
Varieties: the company can provide customers with more than 200 varieties, more than 10000 kinds of specifications, including bolts, screws, nuts, rivets, pins, washers and other types of special parts and special parts. The thread specification range is M0.8 ~ M80, the material involved carbon structure steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, high temperature alloy, etc. 200 kinds of.
Strength grade: high strength bolt and bolt are mainly 8.8 grade, 10.9 grade, 12.9 grade, stainless steel bolt and screw are mainly A2-50/A2-70, A4-70/A4-80, C1-110, etc..
Meet the standards: GJB, GB, ANSI, DIN, UNI, JIS, ISO and other standards and non-standard.
Application: our factory production of high strength stainless steel screws, has been equipped with naval aircraft carriers, destroyers and other types of ships, and aerospace, space station, optical class and other fields widely used. In the field of high strength screw bolt, steel structure, the connection of the screw connection, the special purpose of the engine, the special wind power, the high speed rail and so on.
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